Oolong Pouchong

Speciell med fantastiska nyttoegenskaper. Det här är vår enda, men fantastiska, Formosa som betyder "vacker".
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  • Det här är vår enda, men fantastiska, Formosa. Formosa betyder "vacker" och var tidigare namnet på Taiwan som denna Oolong kommer från. När landet bytte namn levde "Formosa" kvar i tevärlden som ett samlingsnamn för de Taiwanesiska teerna. Tesorten Oolong, som betyder "svart drake", kommer ursprungligen från Kina och hamnar någonstans mellan grönt och svart te pga den speciella jäsningsprocessen. Formosa Pouchong Oolong är dock något närmare grönt än svart te, eftersom den bara genomgår en kortare jäsning. Detta är ännu ett nyttigt te, bra för hjärtat och förebygger vissa typer av cancer. Oolongteers kombination av antioxidanter och koffein har även visat sig rappa på metabolismen och underlätta oxideringen av fetter.
  • Specifikation

    1 rågad tesked per kopp, låt dra i 2 - 3 minuter i 80-gradigt vatten
    Perfektion i sig själv och behöver inga tillbehör.
    Halvjästa teblad.
    2011-11-23 07:57:04
    2013-11-11 11:58:45
    It's too bad you can't keep him, but you have more than done your share for the kitties, and you are gvniig him great kindness now. I hope they are able to find his owners. I took in a kitty that looked very much like him a number of years ago. She was a cat cat, and everything was on her terms, but we loved her for about 7 or 8 years before we lost her to illness. I still think of her every time I sit on my screened porch - we lost her before we got it finished, and she would have loved it so.I hope things work out for your Jeeves. You are a kitty guardian angel for sure.
    2013-11-11 12:36:30
    It might be worth noting that in morden-day Quebec, religious allusions have a very different weight than in, say, the southern US. Religious allusions and imagery have a bit of a "hipster" vibe - something that once was cool and is now all but passe9. Not that I love the ad, but the cultural context is significant.
    2013-11-11 22:13:09
    Wow, that place looks awesome... well, maybe not so much for Aunties and Moms, but kids look glsasy-eyed with fun overload! And wow, do you two ever look like sisters! My sympathies re: kitchen remodel. We did get to move out for about 6 weeks, which was a good thing as we ripped out our entire main floor flooring ... the dust was overwhelming. But the kitchen we got was more than worth it.Good luck!
    2013-11-11 23:37:38
    Very good article. AskJeeves was one of my fartivoe search engines in the prehistoric days of the Internet, before the Dotcom crash. Tried to use it over the past few years but found it lacking in delivering the quantity and quality found of Google and Yahoo. I guess the old saying is true: every dog has his day !..only now days have turned into seconds in search technology!
    2013-11-12 09:52:37
    as an occasional reeadr and a 28 year old white woman, i hope my authority is enough to vouch for the fact that it is a (color-incorrect) boba fett. :) and i second all those other commenters giving kudos for bravery -- you couldn't get me into a mall that big with a stick!
    2013-11-12 13:48:16
    Thanks Jim for your comment. You know thgnis are moving fast and are only going to get faster.. It going to be harder and harder for companies to keep up with the latest trends. Ask Jeeves was one of my faves too.. To bad to see it fall like that.
    2013-11-12 16:45:53
    Hello Yolanda I fully understand when you say no more! . I adore the cats, today I have only eight, _a href="http://bxjomyhfk.com"_besauce_/a_ my neighbors have killed two. But I try to be with them and care, I work all day in an office and only in the afternoon to see them get home. I also have two cats adoptive, are a neighbor, but no reason was _a href="http://bxjomyhfk.com"_besauce_/a_ they live in my house ha ha. I think I have a huge heart to receive and give love. Greetings from Chile. Mariella
    2013-11-12 16:48:20
    Yolanda,I know how you feel, this is a lovely cat and needs a good home.Our Maxi has a _a href="http://fnenhcaal.com"_michrcoip_/a_ implanted. He can be quickly identified in case he gets lost. But Maxi knows his home and the kitchen, where a small bowl of tuna is waiting for him after a long day sleeping under a Hosta plant. Perhaps you can find a nice home for Jeeves? Sometimes people leave cats and dogs in our parks behind, hoping somebody will take care of them.What a shame..Gisela
    2013-11-12 23:41:26
    I understand that this is_a href="http://nhbqtqcjdeq.com"_ bekirang_/a_ your heart. What a sweet boy he is! And he looks so handsome in a black suit. I hope his family will find him, maybe they are crying the hearts out over him.KRAMPS I think I will buy Rosemary & Thyme. It will be cosy watching them in winter.
    2013-11-12 23:43:39
    Welcome to blooming Bliss!*Monica: that's Aster _a href="http://tabsvhwskwc.com"_laoreifltrus_/a_ Lady in Black. When in flower it's covered with flowers but it looks pretty good, because of its very dark foliage, without flowers too.*Ewa: oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that the weather has been really nasty where you live.* Hannele: yes it is, very surprisingly so.* Nicole: the short term effects of global warming are great as they extend the gardening season quite a lot. The long term effects however will be devastating as most of my country, the Bliss garden included, will disappear beneath the sea.* Easygardener: you are not wrong!* Michelle: adorable is the right word for them, I agree. ;-)* Matron: yes, indeed, my Vita was named after that illustrous gardener as both are the proud owners of a very aristocratic nose and Vita (my Vita) is a real lady. ;-)
    2013-11-13 02:28:06
    Think how much easier it would be if _a href="http://dsezvu.com"_intesad_/a_ of sitting in the barrow (looking handsome), Jeeves could be taught to actually push the barrow? Then if he taught the other 400,000 cats to push barrows as well you could instantly have a thriving haulage business. You could easily transport building materials to Rotterdam and cheese to the Belgian border: and that would just be the start. A brave new world of useful felines.Sadly an idea that is almost certainly doomed. The cats would swiftly become unionised and make outrageous demands.
    2013-11-13 02:31:49
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    2013-11-14 05:06:02
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