När endast det allra bästa är gott nog! Varje individuellt blad har rullats ihop till en liten boll vilket bevarar mer av dess arom och smak.
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  • Vårt gröna kinesiska Gunpowder te är egentligen “Temple Of Heaven Gunpowder Tea”, vilken är den bästa kvalitén som står att finna. Varje individuellt blad har rullats ihop till en liten boll vilket bevarar mer av dess arom och smak. Namnet tros komma från likheten mellan tebollarna och krutkorn, då det begav sig. När vatten tillsätts vecklar bollarna vackert ut sig och ger ett smakrikt mörkt, grönt te med en underbar eftersmak som ger mersmak. Det gröna teet fermenteras (oxideras) kort och avbryts genom att man hettar upp det. Här är den stora skillnaden mellan grönt och svart te där den senare får oxidera längre Glöm inte att kokande vatten skållar det gröna teet och släpper lös de beska tanninerna. Det vill man inte. Se till att vattnet är max 85 grader varmt.
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    1 rågad tesked per kopp, låt dra i 2 minuter i 70-gradigt vatten. Låt dra ytterligare en minut för extra tjong!
    Som det är eller med lite vitt socker och färsk mynta för en traditionell marockansk smakupplevelse.
    2013-11-11 12:13:05
    Animals always know. I'll bet every critetr in the neighborhood knows that your yard is a safe haven. This morning we had the sad experience of finding our upstairs neighbor's kitten dead on the street in front of the house. This kttten had on multiple occasions found a way into our yard and our apartment. At the time we thought the right thing was to return it to its owners. Now I'm not so sure... I hope your story has a happier ending than mine.--Curmudgeon
    2013-11-11 21:28:18
    They were just building the Mall of America when I left Minnesota so I've never been there. It soudns utterly grotesque in unimaginable ways, like being held down and forced to eat an entire wedding cake by oneself. Best of all, it got you out of your condemned kitchen for two days. I think Auntie definitely wins the title, but I suppose I'd have to ask the incredibly lucky upper middle class Nordic children to be sure.
    2013-11-12 06:18:01
    Jason thanks for your resspnoe. What a Lucky Dog you are! We don't do much cooking around here, but the recipes are sounding better and better and it just might be fun to give it a try. Hope you readers out there will give the site a try. Let me know we may have a chef amongst us!
    2013-11-12 19:15:13
    Hi, I am a guide dog raiser in Seattle, WA. The puppy I am_a href=""_ cnerrutly_/a_ raising is named Shep. I love your blog and I love reading about other people's pet experiences. I also have a website where I sell pet supplies and i have a blog on it also about guide dogs. I built the site to try and help raise money for guide dogs and other animal charities.
    2013-11-12 23:33:33
    What a precious baby! It does sound like he's_a href=""_ gotetn_/a_ disconnected from his family. I wonder if his family tried to move him and he has tried to go back "home" and got lost in the process? Regardless, I applaude you for being his steward until he can find his family again.Cindy
    2013-11-13 00:39:33
    Oh my word! What an abundance of_a href=""_ bososlms_/a_ happening at your Bliss garden Yolanda! Whew!Now how did I know that you would post a sweet kittie in amongst the bloom day post! A puppy too.. cutie!The leek flower is exquisite and all those blooms reaching for the blue sky..simply beautiful!You seem to have more fallen leaves there than we have has been an Autumn with sun and blue skies with slow turning leaves..but I am sure in the coming weeks it will fast forward! I did manage a post for ~Bloom Day~ hugs NG
    2013-11-13 11:18:41
    Snow does improve a wnteir garden. Love the willow trees~~They look stunning and as you say they glow. Oh for a bit of snow! Leaving the stems and seedheads up for awhile makes sense when there is a beautiful snow cover, but it's starting to look unkempt here;) Tara is a good girl and a wonderful walking companion...It's hard to take a cat for a walk. Coal wouldn't stand for it!gail
    2013-11-14 06:45:27
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    2013-11-14 09:52:04
    Vad bra att du fick tag i kle4nningen...Visst har vi det bra he4r i Sverige ne4r vi ser ele4ndet pe5 Haiti. Jag o fredric var pe5 Dominikanska rpeibluken ff6r flera e5r sen och passerade det laglf6sa " Haiti" Dom bere4ttade de5 om fattigdomen o den hf6ga kriminaliteten. Tack ff6r fina inspirationsbilder vill verkligen ha ett se5nt de4r ljushus! Se5e5 fina! Ha en fortsatt bra dag! Kramis Therese
    2013-11-14 11:01:32
    Hej kusinvitamin =) Vad myekct fint du lagt upp igen. Sje4lv har jag varit ff6r trf6tt ff6r att f6ver huvudtaget pyssla. Det e4r tufft att bf6rja jobba igen =P.Gillar denna layout massor och Ecko parks papper e4r se5 snygga. Har inga av dessa paper sje4lv dock =(. Snyggt och fiffigt var ockse5 eldstadskortet.Trevlig hlg till dig och din familj!Krammiz Maja [url=]stqpihsj[/url] [link=]tgckiixr[/link]
    2013-11-14 11:54:31
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    2013-11-14 19:44:08
    Also, no mention of Cena saiyng Kane got a little weird around the holidays or when he has to got the dentist, clearly referring to his Christmas Creature and Isaac Yankem DDS gimmicks? I feel like Brandon would've chided Cena for that.And I also thought that Kane was doing the Mandible Claw, but maybe that's just me. [url=]trbpgy[/url] [link=]ujwfkfe[/link]
    2013-11-15 16:43:46
    Sorry, I scrolled past all the_a href=""_ coemmnts_/a_, but is it just me, or did the main event have an indie feel to it? That ain't a negative criticism; I liked it, and everyone involved. They can easily have 3 feuds develop with any of the participants.Also, Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion for as long as possible, please, Mr. McMahon? You have my permission.
    2013-11-16 01:40:02
    Not my least favourite Best of WWE acrltie so far but it was pretty bland. Ruined particularly by the mentioning of John Cena doesn't deserve all the hate guize. I don't get why y'all haet him. He a pretty cool guize and don't afraid of anybody. , of course the Breaking Bad spoiler and lack of AJ pictures.Other than all that A+!I do get sick of Brandon sucking Alberto Del Rio's dull dick and mentioning his slight weeaboo wrestling interests though, so it was nice to not have have to put up with that. [url=]hzdmiy[/url] [link=]obsatq[/link]
    2013-11-16 03:14:25
    Thanks for the words, everybody. I had no_a href=""_ fcuking_/a_ idea how much time actually goes into these things. At this point I'm convinced Brandon is some sort of super robot sent back from the future with the explicit purpose of writing insanely funny, in-depth wrestling recaps. Regardless, your approval is rad. I'm glad laughs were had and I feel kinda sad about spoiling Breaking Opposite-of-Good.
    2013-11-16 03:51:17
    Not only did you try way too hard to be funny but you also spoiled Breaking Bad out of_a href=""_ nreowhe_/a_. Seriously, that's a dick move. Even if it was a spoiler, you could have just let us think it was a joke and not be an even bigger dick by going HEY GUESS WHAT?! I JUST SPOILED THAT FOR YOU WITHOUT A WARNING LOLZ! The writing wasn't as thorough as Brandon either. I give Brandon shit for loving Alberto Del Rio but I'd rather read an article composed nothing but ADR fellating before I ever read one of your assclownish articles again. Seriously, fall down some stairs.
    2013-11-18 01:39:18
    The best part of the main event (and the whole show, really) was that it semeed like an exercise to show off how awesome Punk, Bryan and Ryder are. Love this kind of thing and it's way better than Jack Swagger's title reign where every match was designed to make him look like a goof (TM Michael Cole). A good start. I'm happy. [url=]vmfpnzovrl[/url] [link=]warrszc[/link]
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