Girlie Grey

Låt oss presentera vårt alldeles eget recept! Girlie Grey är både en visuell och en gastronomisk explosion, den är ”extravaganza in a cup”!
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  • Låt oss presentera vårt alldeles eget recept! Vår spectakulära Girlie Grey är inte en Earl Grey eller ens en Lady Grey. Nej, nej, Girlie Grey är både en visuell och en gastronomisk explosion, den är ”extravaganza in a cup”! På en bas av svart Assamte vilar vackra rosenknoppar och bitar av torkad apelsin. Den dekadenta sötman från naturlig vanilj får dina smaklökar att dansa och kontrasterar fantastiskt mot den klassiska smaken av citrus och bergamott. Girlie Grey är inspirerande, djärv och raffinerad. Ett i sanning teatraliskt te för alla dina sinnen!
  • Specifikation

    1 rågad tesked per kopp, låt dra i 3 - 4 minuter i kokhett vatten
    Gärna svart, men fantastiskt ihop med lite honung och mjölk.
    Svart Assamte, torkade bitar av apelsin, rosenknoppar och vanilj.
    2011-10-05 14:31:25
    2011-10-13 17:02:07
    2013-11-11 17:45:08
    Vad kul med utbildning och ultcekving. Det verkar vara kul det de4r med att vara instruktf6r. Lycka till. Sixten kommer att fixa det galant utan sin mamma. det e4r bara vi som e4r pje5kiga.
    2013-11-11 19:30:57
    This is such a beautiful saeaonsl shot! I found you via macro Monday which i have joined in over at my photo blog and would love for you to come over and say hello :)
    2013-11-11 21:26:59
    c5h vad kul Andre9a! Lycka till, det kommer ge5 hur bra som helst. Nu blev jag sugen pe5 body bancale igen...dags att ta upp det i hf6st :) Kram!
    2013-11-12 00:20:16
    Bare for e5 ta det siste ff8rst; ingen kommentar fra deg er lang og kjeidleg. Det er jo pe5 denne me5ten jeg le6rer jo..., og litt kontruktiv kritikk, eller forslag til problemlf8sning me5 man jo da te5le. ikke bare te5le, men det er utrolig bra/ og jeg er glad jeg for at du hjelper meg litt :-)Tok utrolig mange bilder i ge5r kveld da, bare hele kvelden var jo topp jo, forventningene pe5 forhe5nd, spenningen og gleden med e5 ta bildene, lenge siden jeg har kjent en se5nn barnslig glede i grunn..., og daspiller det ikke se5 stor rolle om ikke bildene er helt perfekte heller.Opp en halv time ff8r tiden i dag tidlig for e5 se pe5 dem, og ne5r man rask ser pe5 bildene og forflytter seg fra det ene bildet til det neste var det som e5 kjf8re god gammeldags smalfilm her (me5nen kom som sagt ikke over e5skammen her ff8r kl 2315 :-)) Se5 her har det blitt en liten middagshvil i dag gitt. Smse8t med Randi Hammer (Randi min verden) i ge5r kveld da, hun tror jeg fikk noen blinkskudd, men det e5penbares vel pe5 SW i kveld.Ha en fott kveld Rune, og kos deg med kamera og andre SW bilder. ne5 har te5ka og litt regn ankommet trf8ndelagen, vi berget me5nen da :-))
    2013-11-12 05:03:28
    samt en ff6rskottsbetalnings ska gf6ras i samband med anme4lan. Detta se5 att vi kan bjuda pe5 god lunch kyskilngscallad, kaffe/te, dryck och kaka. Kostnad 135:-Vi he5ller ste4ngt ff6r oss pe5 f6verve5ningen av huset se5 att vi till en bf6rjan kan le4ra ke4nna varandra de4r och ha lite lotteri och liknande. Vi kommer ockse5 kort presentera hur det gick till ne4r vi ff6rverkligade ve5r drf6m om bf6ckerna och butiken. Sen e4r det givetvis fritt att rf6ra sig i butiken. Ff6r er som kanske vill sova kvar finns bra mf6jligheter bara ett stenkast bort. Se under Fliken Om Kristinehamn pe5 ve5r hemsida www.levvackert.seKram Petra och Ingela
    2013-11-12 23:24:45
    hello!,I like your writing so much! share we_a href=""_ cutmonicame_/a_ more about your poston AOL? I need an expert on this area to solve my problem.May be that's you! Looking forward to see you.
    2013-11-12 23:38:25
    This is super amazing! Your_a href=""_ loyuats_/a_ are getting better and better with each one. Look at all the techniques used here. Stamping and masking say the least. You have interpreted this difficult sketch well. Good job!P.S. Thanks for your last comment on my blog. I know Ioanna comes off as very very cute and adorable in the photos and she is..because its the age..between 18 months and 3 1/2 years is the best and cutest age. Thank you for your sweet comment about her. But Maria Elena is also such a gorgeous child in real life. She has this sweetness about her that melts your heart. She has a different 'τυπο' than Ioanna. She is super sensitive (like me) and soft and thats hard so come through in photots. I dont favour either of my kids at all!:o) 100% honest. Love both of them a million times the same. :o)
    2013-11-13 00:24:41
    ohhhhhh Rock Galllery!!!!!!I thot its been folded, never _a href=""_reslaie_/a_ they moved to Dai Yau!! I spent lots of time there when i was in high school ah LOL!! Let me check it out during lunch on Mon then!
    2013-11-14 10:56:03
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    2013-11-14 11:04:17
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    2013-11-14 11:05:26
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    2013-11-14 11:16:19
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    2013-11-16 03:10:55
    Grey doors and white walls, is there anything_a href=""_ csaelisr_/a_? Another that I find very nice is the height of the doors. The height of the doors seems to complement the grey color it just seems to fit in so well with the rest of the room. A wonderful share!
    2013-11-16 03:16:38
    In terms of melodious sound_a href=""_ lgneuagas_/a_ (and don't take this to be racist), but Arabic and Chinese (Madarin or Cantonese or whatever else dialogue) sounds awful to my ears. Arabic I've heard described as a language you'd use if you were kicking the snot out of someone else.Chinese is an interesting one. When it's soft-spoken, it sounds okay. But for some reason, the normal volume of conversation between Chinese people is amped up to insane levels. It drives me insane when I work and I hear Chinese people talking normally, but it sounds like they're having an outrageous argument. It's even worse when you speak with them on the phone!(And in case anyone thinks I'm being racist, do a google search on chinese speak loudly )
    2013-11-16 03:17:44
    Oh gosh everyone else is so _a href=""_gruicoas_/a_ - here I'm wishing that your guests would go home or that I WAS one of the guests. I've pretty much abandoned all my cookbooks - now I just open up your blog and figure out what I'm going to cook for dinner. Last night it was the turkey burger ala Mar-a-Lago. Tonight I'm leaning towards the tortilla soup. (oh okay - enjoy your guests and we'll see you soon)
    2013-11-16 03:26:00
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    2013-11-16 03:45:44
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